Just received 2 masters back and I am extremely happy with the results. Matt really brings your tracks to life. Nice and loud and crisp but keeping the dynamics at the same time. I'll definitely be using 0101 services again and recommending to others for sure Amazing engineering and great guys


"Matteo, apart from being super nice, friendly and professional, can work magic even on very average mixdowns with limiters. I've seen him turn tunes with potential into massive bangers and he did it in a total of 90 minutes every time. Absolute legend and without question my go to person for any Korsakov Music related mastering requests."

Elmar // Korsakov Music

"On top of great service, the masters came back sounding warm, dynamic, and relatively transparent. Excellent experience from consultation to delivery. Will definitely be sending more work in. Got masters back for my debut EP and couldn't be happier. Linking up with the badman Maztek to put the final touches on this made each track really pop. Through the label and my own freelance work, I work with a ton of mastering engineers across several genres and it's really important to find someone who gets your style, works in your genre, provides a quality product, and is easy to work with. Matt is definitely the one. "

Theatrix // Divination Recordings

  • Mastering
    Best choice
  • 30 Per Song Incl. VAT
    • Within 3-5 days
    • Mastering for CD, Club and Streaming
    • Vinyl Mastering
    • Digital or Analog Mastering
    • Free Mix Evaluation
    • Unlimited Free Revisions
    • Professional Service
    • Affordable Price
    • No Extra Costs
    • 2 songs for 50€ instead of 60€
  • Mixing
    Professional Mixing
  • 60 Per Song Incl. VAT
    • Within 4-7 days
    • Up to 20 channels
    • Unlimited Free Revisions
    • Professional Service
    • No Extra Costs
    • 2 Songs for 100€ instead of 120€
  • Mixing + Mastering (package)
    All in one
  • 90 Per Song Incl. VAT
    • Within 4-7 days
    • Up to 20 channels
    • Mastering for CD, Club and Streaming
    • Vinyl Mastering
    • Unlimited Free Revisions
    • Professional Service
    • No Extra Costs
    • 2 Songs for 160€ instead of 180€

Upload your audio & get professional masters.

Check our F.A.Q. for frequently asked questions

    Select Engineer

    Your Details

    Why Use 0101 Studio

    Professional engineers with years of experience and performances, here to help you get the most from your music. Sound like a pro on stage or on every platform.

    Free Mix Evaluation

    Before we start to work on your music we can give your mix a free check for anything that could cause issues at the mixing or mastering stage.

    No Extra Costs

    The price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges for revisions or alternate mixes.

    Fast Delivery

    We understand your priority and we make it simple for you. Just upload your song or stems, we do the rest.


    When Do I Pay

    Payments must be made before work on your track begins. This ensures we as paid engineers, take the necessary time and care required to return you the very best masters. We will send you an invoice after you submit your form.

    How Do I Send My Files?

    Your mix can be uploaded via our upload form here.  Bypass any compression / limiting you may have on your master bus.

    File Type : Wav / Flac / Aiff
    Bitrate : 16–24–32 bit / 44,100 khz – 96khz
    Headroom : -3db / -6db

    How Long Does Mastering or Mixing Take?

    Standard mastering is turned around within 3-5 days and mixing is turned around within 4-7 days.

    What If I Have Accidentally Sent The Wrong Mix For Mastering or the wrong stems for Mixing?

    Simply get in contact with us via email, quoting your invoice number and we will replace the file. Please be sure to get in contact with us ASAP.

    Should I Send A Reference Track For Mastering or Mixing?

    For mixing a reference mix is required because you are not there with us, this will make the process faster and simple for both of us.
    For mastering a reference track or master is optional.

    What Kind of music do you mix and master

    We Mix and Master every music Style from Hip Hop to Rock or Indie Music,
    we are specialised in electronic dance music but we love music and we have years of experience working with different music styles.