Warpath LP


1. Maztek x Redpill - Electronic Warfare buy track
2. Maztek x Aeph - The Dirt buy track
3. Maztek - Cheeky Dub buy track
4. Maztek x Mc Mota - The Breaker buy track
5. Maztek x Gridlok - Gladiators buy track
6. Maztek x Aeph - What You Got buy track
7. Maztek x Ben Verse - Warpath buy track
8. Maztek - PandaMonium buy track
9. Maztek x Virus Syndicate - It's On buy track
10. Maztek x Miss Trouble - Shake The Foundation buy track
11. Maztek x Aeph - Trajectory buy track
12. Maztek x Nuklear - Trigger buy track
13. Maztek - Bass Drop buy track
14. Maztek - Back To The Jungle buy track
15. Maztek - Come Closer buy track
16. Maztek - Timeless buy track

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About Album

Maztek –  Warpath LP

Feat. Gridlok, Aeph, Redpill, Virus Syndicate, Mc Mota, Ben Verse, Miss Trouble, Nuklear MC

The absolutely huge feat which is Maztek’s forthcoming LP is finally upon us. ‘Warpath’ was rumoured since the drum & bass veteran dropped his first single, a collaboration with Aeph, on his newly created 0101 imprint, which signified a brand new creative endeavour for an artist who’s spent years crafting himself into the genre’s history.
And it’ll be yet another defining output for one of neuro’s pioneers, who’s already paved his way with a number of releases and will continue to do so with the calibre of music showcased throughout ‘Warpath’s track listing.

‘Warpath’ presents Maztek journeying back to his musical roots, whilst he brings through a host of talented artists to collaborate and feature on an epically diverse selection of records. Three years of ideas, work and struggle, ‘Warpath’ is a concoction of both old school and new school, drawing out its hip hop, reggae and drum & bass roots with a passion that modern neurofunk has afforded him. His aim was to bring back the same vibes which got him hooked on the genre, but give them a more contemporary twist, with some tracks purposefully sounding more electronic or acoustic. It’s the acoustic snares and drums prevalent across the album which help translate Maztek’s music into a live setting, which is the reason why his cuts are so devastating on the dancefloor.

First track, Maztek and Redpill’s ‘Electronic Warfare’, sets a standard, slicing deep with every stab of sonic disturbance. Next up, ‘The Dirt’ has already made the rounds alongside his other featured collaboration with Aeph ‘Trajectory’, with both tracks having already caused carnage on dancefloors since they were unmasked earlier this year, with Aeph appearing again to obliterate more speakers alongside ‘What You Got’. Maztek’s standalone delivery ‘Cheeky Dub’ helps to encapsulate the LP’s ethos, a return to the true sound which runs through the heart of all his productions. Notorious frontmen and women like MC Mota, Pendulum’s Ben Verse, Virus Syndicate, Nuklear MC and Miss Trouble also add their vocal crooning into the mix, adding perfect swathes of cool throughout the album’s offerings. Maztek & Gridlok’s ‘Gladiators’ makes a reappearance, yet another heavyweight merging of minds. Tracks like ‘Pandamonium’, ‘Bass Drop’, ‘Back to the Jungle’, ‘Come Closer’ and ‘Timeless’ further highlight the unbridled diversity of Maztek, even within the darker constraints of drum & bass. And this is one reason why ‘Warpath’ will hold up against the test of time, alongside the legacy of an artist who’s been able to draw from an intimidating array of artists for his biggest work of art to date.

Release date:
Beatport exclusive: 07/04/2018
Full release: 21/04/2018


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Artist: Maztek
Label: 0101Music
Release Date: 21-4-2018
Genres: Drum&Bass, Half Step, Jungle

Available Lyrics

Maztek x Mc Mota - The Breaker

Kick snare, keep on guiding the drum - we got the
between the setting and the rise of the sun - we got the
Better get a breakbeat, make it last all night long - got to
bite the bullet and fire the gun.

Maztek x Ben Verse - Warpath

Setting the tone, getting it done,
moving in the future zone the pressure is on,
tune into these frequencies just letting it run.
On point laser guided aiming exact,
there’s no preventing it no holding it back,
coordinates are set check, start the attack,
detonate the place when the party is packed.
Get you up out your seats detonating some some beats full loaded that’s armed to the teeth,
use your mind to anticipate a defeat, disintegrating the weak, start the ignition bring in the heat.
Stand back whoever thinks they are leading,
after dark through the system I’m speaking in that place between living and dreaming,
under fire.. .. undefeated

Maztek x Miss Trouble - Shake The Foundation

You heard on the block - we rock the ground
Shocked by the energy, electrocute
The vibe's on 'til the light emerges forcing the dark to disperse and
Still we run, we don't stop!
To the curves, ellipses, eyes they blood shot
Ricocheting stars colliding with force
Like the sun is radiating the nation...
Underground, we shake the foundation

Maztek x Nuklear - Trigger

The cold wind blows but the stiller i stand,
i stand steady with my weaponry then wait for command,
i hold it down, silence, don't dare make a sound,
I'm like a predator looking for prey, waiting to pounce.

I keep my cross hair locked upon the front line spot,
with my finger on the trigger ready to take first shot.
I got the target in my sight, now I'm holding my breath,
release the bullet out the chamber then i put him to rest!

Finger on the trigger!!!

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We don't usually give out five stars but in this case it is well deserved. Big up the Maztek.

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djfhjdjfjkerf d f hshdjkfjsjkdtt s dhfhsdjkfhsd flisjd f ss

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Wicked album, Maz - congrats! Will be supporting a lot of these :)

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Full support! Great tunes Matteo.

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Wow! What an insane Album! Proper stuff for 0101 Music! Big Big Ups Maztek! On a sidenote I love the fact that the catalogue numbers are all numeric :D (labelboss speaking hehe)

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bad bad bad bad bad. love this album


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Very consistent high quality album. Big respect


2018 is the year of good albums, and Warpath is one of my favorites. LARGE!!!

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Really happy to see Maztek launched a new label. This was the best thing to do after what happened with RH and we wish him the best of luck! (The LP is really sickkkk)

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top quality.. wkd lp from maztek 10/10

Crisis - Dream FM / UK Raw Radio

Maztek & his amazing new label, 0101 Music, bring what is for the LP of the year thus far...HUGE! Having been a fan of his work for close to a decade now, I can say its been a pleasure to watch him progress & become one of the most original & reliable producers in Drum & Bass, amazing work! Expect full support across radio, podcasts, guest mixes and live sets. Cheers!

emplate @ dnbradio.com & Junglist Podcast Cleveland, Ohio

nice tunes man, bigups


Cool LP !

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With no label restraints holding Maztek back, he can be as creative as he wants, and boy does it show! Can wait to properly dissect it and start working it in to my mixes and shows

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sick album. fully supporting. thanks guys

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huge album!

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Techstep/two-step DnB, with a dark, deep, eerie flavor. The synth stabs are insane! Reminds me of synth sounds I hear in Jump Up tracks. And excellent mix of both instrumental and voice-sampled tracks!

WUTK-FM 90.3 Knoxville, TN

JUNGLE JUNGLE JUNGLE!!! P.S. Back to the Jungle is the tune.

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Big and nasty LP. the straight dancefloor oriented tracks are cool but I love the breaky tracks (shake the foundations, breaker...) more - for me these stand out more. Overall a diverse LP that takes maztek's sound to another level. Since I can chose only one, i'm gonna lsit my favourites here: breaker, shake the foundation, back to the jungle, come closer, it's on


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