1. Maztek x Aeph - The Dirt (Merikan Remix) buy track
2. Maztek x Gridlok - Gladiators (IHR Remix) buy track
3. Maztek - Pandamonium (VIP) buy track
4. Maztek x Ben Verse - Warpath (Disprove Remix) buy track
5. Maztek x Virus Syndicate - It's On (Droptek Remix) buy track
6. Maztek x Aeph - What you Got (Optiv Remix) buy track
7. Maztek x MC Mota - The Breaker (Synth Ethics Remix) buy track
8. Maztek x Aeph - Trajectory (Kiril Remix) buy track
9. Maztek x Redpill - Electronic Warfare (Phonetick Remix) buy track
10. Maztek - Cheeky Dub (Signs Remix) buy track
11. Maztek x Miss Trouble - Shake The Foundation (Redpill Remix) buy track
12. Maztek - Timeless (Current Value Remix) buy track
13. Maztek - Come Closer (Insomniax Remix) buy track

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Maztek – Warpath Remixed

The ‘Warpath’ LP from Maztek set a precedent and not just for him as an artist. It proved that independent figures can break out on their own and in doing so, can deliver cutting edge music through their own platform, garnering just as much support from the entire drum & bass as they would have done on a more mainstay imprint. And the ‘Warpath’ LP was also significant because of the fact that it was used to launch Maztek’s 0101 Records platform, which has since gone on to host many artists who are acting as pillars of the wider scene, bringing fresh sounds to the table and delivering the upfront music which has come under Maztek’s radar.

It’s these same artists who are about to take the ‘Warpath’ LP into another dimension, drawing from its original track list and offering their own versions of Maztek’s production. From the hectic world of Merikan, who draws for his signature through his rework of ‘The Dirt’, through the take on Maztek’s ‘Come Closer’ by Insomniax, there’s a range of producers who are brought into the fray to present the album from their own worlds. Trio Inward, Hanzo and Randie get their hands on collaboration ‘Gladiators’ featuring Gridlok, whilst ‘Pandemonium’ is given the VIP treatment by Maztek. Disprove follows in quick succession with his twist on the title-track alongside Ben Verse. Korsakov stalwart Droptek draws ‘It’s On’ with Virus Syndicate into his own sonic landscape and historic drum & bass figure Optiv introduces listeners to his reimagining of ‘What You Got’. MC Mota’s vocals are taken into a new frame by Synth Ethics with ‘The Breaker’ and Kiril then has his turn on Maztek & Aeph’s ‘Trajectory’. Up next, relative newcomer Phonetick gives a more lumbering motion to ‘Electronic Warfare’, keeping the same chaotic bass riffs as the original with Redpill and Maztek’s expert manufacturing.

For one final time on 0101 Records, Signs remixes ‘Cheeky Dub’ and highlights why they were such a formidable force before their split. Then RedPill makes another appearance although this time through his own rendition of ‘Shake the Foundation’. Then before the appearance of Insomniax, Current Value delivers his manic patches of synthesis across ‘Timeless’.

As the remix album closes, it signifies just how far Maztek has come as a producer. From his beginnings on some of the most pivotal labels, through to setting up his own, he’s made his mark. With the team he now has at his fingertips, he proves this is something which will continue years from the creation of 0101 Records.


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Artist: Maztek
Label: 0101Music
Release Date: 29-11-2019
Genres: Drum&Bass, Half Step, Jungle
People: Merikan - Inward, Hanzo & Randie - Disprove - Droptek - Current Value - Redpill - Optiv - Synth Ethics - Kiril - Signs - Insomniax - Phonetick